Wednesday, February 16, 2011

my wall is no longer bare...

So, I had one of those walls in our house that has been completely bare since we moved in last November. This was a huge problem for me, because it is the first wall you see when you walk in through our front door. I wanted it to feel inviting and warm, but I was struggling with just how to go about it. I initially wanted to hang a large mirror or painting along the wall but that was a problem because this 'wall' has a thermostat control smack dab in the middle of it. Now, I wonder who was the genious that thought of putting it in the middle of such a major focal point? Not, a woman contractor I am sure. I even talked with my Father in law about having the thermosat moved, and unfortunately it cannot be done without going through the attic and rewiring the entire wall. So, I felt hopelessly stuck until I remembered seeing an advertisement for wall quotes. So, I decided to run down to Target and pick one up. The one I chose was made by Die Cuts with a View. I got home, decided to hang it up myself (I couldn't wait for Frank to get home from work - besides he is use to me rearranging the house while he is away) and something magical happened. My blank pathetic wall went from this....

yup, nothing to see here but a boring beige wall

to this....

the quote reads "May our home be filled with laughter, family and friends and the life togetherness brings"

such a small feat, but it made me so happy. I barely notice the thermostat now, and my bare wall is not so bare :)
pics of the rest of our house downstairs are up on an older post and can be viewed here

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