Saturday, March 17, 2012

St. Patty's Day Instagram blog hop

*Update - winner of the IG Blog Hop announced:
Acelve d-sign Mar 19, 2012 06:49 PM

My name is evelyn you can find me on Instagram : geekgalz.
Evelyn, please send me an email @ so that I can mail out your prize. Thanks everyone for playing along.

Hi everyone, thanks for stopping by! I assume you are here for the St. Patty's Day Instagram blog hop - glad you found us!

We are a group of INSTAGRAM buddies that were invited to do an Instagram blog hop. Thank you Jessy Christopher for organizing this!

First I have something GREEN to share with you. Here is a recent layout that I completed using Ruby Rock-it's new Nostalgia line.

Did you notice that I used Instagram photos on my layout? I just couldn't help myself.
I Love the colors in this line and their GREEN textured cardstock was just begging to be sanded down. And because I love ink and texture so much, I added some canvas paper and Mister Huey's spray ink.

and now for the GREEN giveaway.....

Here is what I am offering up:

- Smash date stamp by K&co.
- Studio Calico paper
- 2 feet. of chevron grosgrain ribbon

fun stuff right? Here are the blog hop rules for your chance to win my giveaway:

- become a follower
- leave an answer to the question - Does your family celebrate St. Patricks day?
Do you have a special tradition that you do to celebrate the holiday?
- Be sure to leave your email address or link to your blog, so that I can contact you
if you win.
- Visit the line up of my IG buddies participating in the blog hop for chances to win the fabulous prizes that they are offering up!

Here is the line up of all my instagram buddies that are giving something GREEN away on their blog.

BLOG HOP LIST: (in no particular order)

YOU ARE HERE Gina Lideros IG name: ginalideros

Laura Banasiak IG name: laurabanasiak

Leah Farquharson IG name: bluebirdchicllc

Jamie Lee IG name: jyylee

Faridah Hajarmustika IG name: mustikmonkeys

Suryanti Halim IG name: isur

Katy Hedger IG name: polkadotlove

Wati Basri IG name: watibasri

Jenny Gecos IG name: mrsjennyg

Allison Waken IG name: allisonwaken

Kristine Davidson IG name: kristined

Sasha Farina IG name: sashafarina

Lindsey Hansen IG name: lindzeyhanzen

Leena Loh IG name: findingnana

Nina Burgess IG name: ladybugnina

Azura Alyssa IG name: azuraalyssa

Sophia Allison IG name: sophiaallison

Vee Jennings IG name: strawbvee

NattArida Smith IG name: tinynatt

Amy Lynne Lassiter IG name: amlynnelassiter

Helga Vergara IG name: helga_vergara

Michelle Lanning IG name: michellelanning

Juanna Sia IG name: juannahope

Daniela Dobson IG name: danieladobson

Jeanne M. Wigoena IG name: jeannew

Michelle K IG name: michellek

Vanessa Rupp-Hayden IG name: veerupp

Jessy Christopher IG name: jcchris

Blog hop starts 17 March, 7am PST and ends 20 March, 11.59pm PST. Happy Hopping and Good luck!


  1. I follow you on Instragram. My user name is @kstewart22.

    We don't do much for St.Patrick's Day. I'll wear green, but that's about it :-)

    Thanks for the chance to win a prize and for the fun blog hop.

    kstewart22 @

  2. woohooo... :)
    Im following you now..
    cool.. :)

  3. We don't really celebrate ST Patricks day in England so I have no family traditions at all.

  4. Im going to hunt you fown now on ig lol we dont celebrate St. Patricks day but i am wearing green socks if that counts!

    Thanks for an awesome giveaway!

    Scrapmad at hotmail dot co dot uk

  5. Follower and my family does celebrate the holiday with lots of green foods and a few Guinness Beers. ;D

  6. We generally attend a local St. Paddy's day parade dressed in matching green garb - yeah, I'm that kinda mom! hehehe In my younger years there was of course the "grown-up" st paddy's celebration that lasted all night long and involved a few adult beverages - usually ones that were tainted greenish!
    P.S. Following now!! ;)
    P.S.S. What an awesome giveaway! Thank you so much for such a fun and fresh way to blog hop! ;)

  7. Wow! Thanks for chance to win and for the great hop--- We have always celebrated St. Patricks Day because it is my birthday! I just love that!

  8. We have corned beef and cabbage at our house. This year a leprechaun came and visited, he dyed our milk GREEN! Maybe he'll come again in the following years. :)

  9. We had corned beef and cabbage with thin mint brownies!Happy saint pats!

  10. For St Pats day we headed to London, gutted they're celebrating today{Sunday!} but we still had fun, had some Guiness... lol wore daft hats and badges all day {as u can c on my IG pics! lol} Thx for the chance to win!... I love Ashley's idea of colouring the milk! See you again soon...

  11. how cool the way you cut out the diamonds from that patterned paper. Happy St Pat's day to you Gina.

  12. wow... thanks Gina, nope, my family does not celebrate St Patricks :) thanks for the chance!

    cheryl131091 at yahoo dot com

  13. We don't really celebrate here, either! ^_^ Great page, Gina!

  14. We don't celebrate it, though my husband does want to have corned beef and cabbage for dinner that count?

    Thanks for the chance!

    bre - btaphotography AT hotmail DOT com

  15. following gina, and i will be back to visit....

  16. new follower via Netwkd Blogs! We really don't celebrate SPDay but we did wear green! =) I love your layout w/IG photos! I do the same. Love.

  17. I'm a follower via google reader.....have been for a while. I'm terrible at commenting! SO sorry! You are an amazingly talented gal, and I love seeing your lovely creations. :)
    My family and I always celebrate St. Paddy's Day! This is one of my favorite days of the year, and I'm not sure why.....I'm not particularly Irish (that I know of...I'm adopted, hehe). This year, I celebrated with a homecooked Irish meal, time out with family, and a piercing! <3

  18. My name is evelyn you can find me on Instagram : geekgalz.
    Live in Indonesia and a wedding photographer who love scrapbook very much. I don't celebrate St.Patrick's coz not part of my culture but since i met some scrap friends on instagram this year i celebrate it through green give away (home deco)at my Instagram. You can join it if you want.

    Pls choose me as a winner to win those green stamp from Smash. I want it badly since i didn't get anything similiar to those stamp. I try to buy and run out

    If i win you can contact me at:

    I wish i can win it! thx *pray a lot hehehehhehe

  19. Sometimes you just want to do something because it is fun and it is awesome. Whether you are going out to a fancy dinner for no particular occasion other than that you want a great meal.Urlaub Sicherheit

  20. Such an awesome giveaway!! You are so good with the designs :) Thanks for participating the IG blog hop :)

  21. Hi, your gieaway is awesome and I've had fun hopping!