Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Shimelle Canvas Tutorial

Hi Everyone,

I hope that you are having a great week so far!  I had a tutorial up on the American Crafts Blog yesterday using the new Shimelle collection.

I created this fun canvas to liven up my scrap room.  The colors and patterns in the Shimelle collection gave it such a bright and cheery look!

Supplies: Cardstock (71420 - Glitter Mustard, Cardstock (71274) - 8.5x11 Black, Shimelle (368151) - Baxter Paper, Shimelle (368137) - Crane Paper, Shimelle (368149) - Curie Paper, Shimelle (368158) - Dowdy Paper, Shimelle (368143) - Earhart Paper, Shimelle (368136) - Goodall Paper, Shimelle (368150) - Goodfield Paper, Shimelle (368138) - Grady Paper, Shimele (368157) - Granville Paper, Shimelle (368142) - Hall Paper, Shimelle (368147) - Harding Paper, Shimelle (368152) - Haynes Paper,   Shimelle (368145) - Herschel Paper, Shimelle (68141) - Hopper Paper, Shimelle (368139) - Hurley Paper, Shimelle (368148) - Jemison Paper, Shimelle (368140) - Keller Paper, Shimelle (36815) - Leavitt Paper, Shimelle (368146) - Resnick Paper, Shimelle (368155) - Swanson Paper, Shimelle (368159) - Winlock Paper, Shimelle (63210) - Silhouette Cut File - Word Banner, Cut Up (64200) - Craft Scissors 5" Blade

1.  Apply gesso generously to the front of a 12x12 canvas.

2.  Once the gesso s dry, apply watercolor paints to canvas and set aside to dry.

3. Using a punch or die cut machine cut out enough hearts to cover the front of your canvas.  I cut out roughly 4 medium shape hearts for this.

4. Line up hearts on canvas and adhere down using liquid or permanent adhesive.

5.  Use a die cut machine or template to trace a large heart onto glitter cardstock and cut out.  Adhere to front of canvas.

6.  In Silhouette Studio open up the Shimelle word banner cut file (made by American Crafts), resize to your liking and cut onto black cardstock.  Adhere to canvas.

All finished and ready to display!

Easy, cute, and a perfect addition to any room's decor!

Thanks for stopping by today!

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  1. Such a great project, Gina! I love the look of the layered hearts on your canvas!!