Thursday, October 10, 2013

Weekend Recap and More...

Wow, is it really the end of the week already?  How did it go by so fast.   This last week has been so busy for me that I just lost track of time.

Last Thursday I had two of my favorite peeps come to stay with me.  Michelle flew in from Southern California and Suzy drove up from the Bay area to spend the weekend with muah.  I am so thankful to have such good friends.  We always have the best time together and last weekend was no different.  We spent Friday and Saturday at Its all about the Scrapbook where we hosted a fun crop together and Suzy taught a fun class.  Then, on Sunday I took the girls to Old Sacramento where we did some shopping, dining and did a fun photo shoot:

Upon getting their we realized that my tripod was broken (I have a 14 year old daughter to thank for that).  So we had to improvise (thank goodness Suzy is an amazing photographer and she can run fast).

  I had such a great time with my girls, I always enjoy their company.  They left on Monday, then I had to immerse myself in classes.  I am going back to work this Fall for Canon.  The marketing company that I used to work for contacted me about another job opening in my area.  It is not the same position as before, but luckily I still get to work with Canon and will be working hands on this time with their cameras.  The position is part time but will pick up to full time around the holidays, so I will not be blogging as regularly as I do now during November and December.


  1. Had such a great time, and thanks for your amazing hospitality in your beautiful home.
    ♥ U