Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fun with Epiphany

So.... last weekend I worked at the Sacramento Scrapbook Expo at the Epiphany Crafts booth. Have you seen Epiphany Craft's products? You can create your own custom epoxy shapes with their shape studio tools and your own acrylic buttons with their button studio tools. These things are so much fun to play with and so versatile too!

The Epiphany Crafts booth at the Expo:

I loved the Epiphany tools so much that I took them with me to a fun crop that I was working on Sunday for Canon

The Ladies got to take turns trying out all the different Epiphany tools!

So fun!

Everyone loved them, and wanted to order them immediately!

I decided to use Epiphany Crafts shape studio tool to make fun epoxy's for 2 layouts that I was working on.

those epoxy shapes are so fun. Love how you can customize them to coordinate with your pages.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween pics

This year we celebrated Halloween with Frank's family. We went trick or treating around his parents house. Kalee was the Mad Hatter (from Alice and Wonderland) and Matthew was General Grievious (from Star Wars). We usually make a tradition of trick or treating around our neighborhood every year, but things have been kind of crazy with us transitioning into our new house (We now have a move in date of November 16th. So you can bet that we are counting down the days!) We really enjoyed being with family on Halloween and the kids got to trick or treat with their little cousin Sophia ('50's girl). So cute!