Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Pink Paislee | Fringe Letter Centerpiece

I was inspired to create my fringe letter centerpiece while shopping at the party supply store and looking at decor for my daughter’s upcoming birthday party.  I was picking up tissue paper to create tassels and was immediately drawn to the popular fringe design that I spotted on pinatas in the shop.   An idea was born, and I decided to create my own monogram centerpiece for the party using the fringe design.
@gina_lideros Letter Have It With Fringe letters @pinkpaislee #pinkpaislee #ppcitrusbliss #DIY #Homedecor
Learn to make this Monogram centerpiece DIY, perfect for a party!  This decor is easy and inexpensive and is a great way to personalize an event!
@gina_lideros Letter Have It With Fringe letters @pinkpaislee #pinkpaislee #ppcitrusbliss #DIY #Homedecor
 Monogram Fringe Letter
Supplies -
8-inch cardboard letter of your choice
1 sheet of gold metallic tissue paper
1 sheet of Pink Paislee Squeeze Citrus Bliss paper
1 sheet of Pink Paislee Citrus Citrus Bliss paper
Trim 3 strips of  - Citrus paper, Squeeze paper and gold metallic foil paper each measuring 3″ x 12″.
Use scissors to cut fringe (slits) into each strip of paper.  Starting with the lightest color paper strip adhere to the bottom of cardboard letter using liquid adhesive, wrap around sides of letter and use scissors to trim of excess.  Continue these steps with each strip of paper, from the bottom going up in this pattern: light pink to dark pink to gold.  When the front and all sides are completed, you are done.  Use the letter as a centerpiece for a fun party setup and enjoy!
@gina_lideros Letter Have It With Fringe letters @pinkpaislee #pinkpaislee #ppcitrusbliss #DIY #Homedecor
Another item that I created for the party were these fun DIY Glitter Swizzle Sticks, and I’m going to share with you how I made them below:
DIY Glitter Swizzle Sticks
bamboo skewers
glitter cardstock
1-inch circle punch
Start by punching out 1-inch circles from glitter cardstock.  Trim bamboo skewers to your desired length. Each stick will need two dots, take adhesive and spread three quarters of the way around the edge on the non-glittered side.  Attach the matching dot, then slip in the end of a bamboo skewer.  Hold dots and bamboo skewer together until dry.  Add the swizzle sticks to your party glasses.  Garnish with lemon slices, pour the drinks and enjoy!
@gina_lideros Letter Have It With Fringe letters @pinkpaislee #pinkpaislee #ppcitrusbliss #DIY #Homedecor
A fun variation on these swizzle sticks would be to use different colors of glitter cardstock paper to personalize everyone’s drink!
I hope that you will be inspired to create these fun projects for your next party!

Collection Used: Citrus Bliss

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  1. This is such an awesome party display, Gina!! I know your daughter loved it!