Thursday, June 26, 2014

American Crafts Fabric Yo-Yo Circles Tutorial

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Today I am sharing a tutorial for American Crafts that went up on their blog yesterday.
One of my favorite circular embellishment to make are fabric yo-yo's. Combined with the cute binder clips from the Amy Tangerine collection they help keep me organized around the office and home.

Supplies: Duet Patterned Paper (PLUDS -66817) - ,Combo Patterned Paper (PLUDS -66804) - , Amy Tan Plus One Adhesive Metal Badges (366906) - Flair, Binder Clips (366851) - Details, Mini DayBooks (366644) - DIY Shop, Narrow Wooden Tags (DIY-TAG-66643) - DIY Shop, Cutup Crafts Scissors (AC64201) - CUTUP, To That (AM617-13) - Adhesive
To create these fun fabric yo-yo's first gather up your supplies. To make these you will need fabric, scissors, needle, thread, and buttons or other embellishments.

First, cut a couple of circles out of different patterns of fabric. Don't worry about your circle pieces being perfect, once you sew them you won't notice any imperfections. Depending on how big or small you want your yo-yo to be, you can tweak the measurement of the width of the circle a little bit. The wider it is the bigger the yo-yo will be.

Now take a needle and thread and make a stitch along the open edge lengthwise. Just one simple stitch is all you need to do. It doesn't even have to be perfect. Just be sure that you do not have a whole lot of length between the stitches or your stitches aren't too long and try to have them somewhat evenly spaced.

Continue stitching around the outer edge and scrunch your fabric as you go. When finished, take the needle and thread left over and pull up while pushing down the material making it gather into sort of a ruffle, scrunching it down.

Now that it is all gathered and tight, sew the ends together starting from the gathered end working up toward the edge and then back along the edge to the middle. This forms your ruffled round yo-yo. Knot it and cut the thread and voila! You have a yo-yo!

Your yo-yo is done and now all you have to do is add your embellishment to the center. Some ideas to use for your embellishment are buttons or brads.  

For my finished yo-yo's I added flair from the Amy Tangerine Plus One collection. These are so cute finished and can be added to a card or scrapbook layout for a 'homemade' feel. For my project I decided to make magnets out of them to use on a magnet board in my office so I continued adding to them.

Next, I adhered my finished fabric yoyo's to some fun wooden tags from the DIY Shop collection.

Then, I adhered some magnets to the back of my embellishments. 

I then embellished these cute little daybooks from the DIY Shop collection by adding some cut patterned paper and binder clips. 

These cute little daybooks and magnet board will help keep me organized in the office and around the home!

What a fun way to spruce up a magnet board!

I hope you enjoyed my fabric yo-yo circles tutorial!  I'll be back on with some new projects for the American Crafts Gallery later this week!

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