Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Remember This Forever...

Hi everyone,

Sharing a new layout that I made today for the American Crafts March Layout Gallery.  I do layouts all the time about some of my favorite subjects - my dogs, husband, friends and my children.  I Finally decided to do a layout about something else that is very dear to me - my Canon 7D.  I have been a loyal Canon fan since early 2000 when I started photography.  I have been blessed enough to work along with Canon in 2 of their creative programs (can you say best day job ever) and have learned a lot and met a lot of amazing people in the photography industry as well as the scrapbooking industry.  I guess you could say that my 7D is my baby.

Remember This Forever Layout

I started out my layout by punching out a lot of pieces using a square punch and then folding them to make them look distressed.  Art is so much more fun when you are not trying to be perfect.  I never measure, I just eyeball it all the time.  And this is the result - creative and carefree:

supplies: Pool Cardstock (AM710-69) - Cardstock, Combo Paper (PLUDS-66804) - Plus One, Tandem Paper (PLUDS-66805) - Plus One, Assistant Paper (PLUDS-66806) - Plus One, Counterpart Paper ( Paper (PLUDS-66807) - Plus One, Doubles Paper (PLUDS-66808) - Plus One, Pal  Paper (PLUDS-66809) - Plus One, Copilot  Paper (PLUDS-66810) - Plus One, Date Paper (PLUDS-66811) - Plus One, Buddy Paper (PLUDS-66812) - Plus One, Sidekick  Paper (PLUDS-66813) - Plus One, Partner  Paper (PLUDS-66814) - Plus One, Party Of Two Paper (PLUDS-66815) - Plus One, Couple Paper (PLUDS-66816) - Plus One, Soul Mate  Paper (PLUDS-66818) - Plus One, Match Paper (PLUDS-66819) - Plus One, Twosome Paper (PLUDS-66820) - Plus One, Pair Paper (PLUDS-66821) - Plus One, Duo Paper (PLUDS-66823) - Plus One, Companion Paper (PLUDS-66824) - Plus One, Friend Paper (PLUDS-66825) - Plus One, Ensemble Paper (PLUDS-66827) - Plus One, Plus One Cardstock Die Cuts (366849) - Bits, Plus One Fabric Brads (366852) - Elements, Plus One Acrylic Stamps - Accompany (366856) - Stamps, Plus One Associate Dies (366860) - Dies, Plus One Flair Adhesive Badges (366906), Plus One Thread Kit (366864) - Thread, Polka Dot Party Epoxy Stickers (366198) - Accent & Phrase, Punch Star 1.5 (KOP63102) - Knockouts

 Thanks for letting me share!  Have a good one!