Saturday, June 27, 2015

The Cut Shoppe | Happy Together

Hi everyone!   I have a new layout to share with you today using the Tiny Triangles background from The Cut Shoppe.  Eye catching backgrounds are my groove.  I love pattern piecing and using lots of geometric shapes.  When I first saw the Tiny Triangles cut file, I fell in love!

When I started working on this layout, my original plan was to cut out the whole background from cardstock and then back the pieces with different pattern papers.  I accidentally had my cut settings on the wrong setting (I think I had it on patterned paper, when I really meant to have it on cardstock).  So, the Tiny Triangle design did not cut all the way through my cardstock.  I thought about starting over, but it was my last sheet of Navy cardstock.  So instead, I cut out individual triangles from various patterned papers and placed it on top of some of the background triangles.  It was a happy accident, I love that even though the background design did not cut all the way through, you can still see the design against the dark navy background.

Have you ever made a mistake on a layout and then turned it into a happy accident? If so, we would love for you to share it with The Cut Shoppe on their Facebook page!

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  1. I love this layout Gina! I'm glad you decided to use the Navy cardstock, even though it didn't cut all the way through! It created an awesome design!